CNC Punching

CNC Punching Sheet Metal

Despite the numerous advantages of laser profiling, it is not always the most appropriate or cost-effective method of producing a sheet metal blank. After over 50 years in the industry we feel certain that CNC punching offers the only alternative to laser cutting that suits most industry needs.

CNC Punching production benefits from a lower capital cost than lasers, and use far less electricity. They also lack the need for cutting gases that are required in the laser cutting process. No laser machine can yet compete with one of our CNC punching machines when producing a large number of similar holes or slots. CNC punching therefore does offer a viable and economical alternative to laser cutting that suits most industry needs.

What is CNC Punching?

Amanda Press Brake The abbreviation CNC stands for computer numerical control. It refers to a computer “controller” that reads G-code instructions. The programmed code drives a machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate components by the selective removal of material. CNC does numerically directed interpolation of a cutting tool in the work envelope of a machine. The operating parameters of the CNC can be altered through various pieces of software that require a specialist knowledge.

In a production environment, a series of CNC machines may be combined into one station, commonly called a “cell”. This allows to units to progressively machine a part that requires several different operations. CNC machines today are controlled directly from files created by CAM software packages. This is so that a part or assembly can go directly from design to manufacturing without the need of producing a drafted paper drawing of the manufactured component. The CNC machines represent a special section of industrial robotic systems by being programmable to perform a vast array of machining operations.

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