The High Speed CNC Punch Press

CNC Punch Press ControlFor Economical Production

The hydraulic turret ensures maximum processing capability and a rapid tool change. Due to the high punching speed, short processing times can be achieved. The ‘EUROPE‘ is part of a European AMANDA punch press series that suits our both our UK and international customers.

Accuracy, quality, speed and competitive prices are our primary objectives in our daily routine. The “Europe” hydraulic punch press meets those high standards.

Programming at St. Ann’s Sheet Metal

To meet industry needs of flexibility, speed and efficiency, multiple programming solutions are available using the AMANDA EUROPE-255 CNC punching machine. The machine control includes a graphic programming mode (with individual icons) which can be used to create simple programmes. There is no need for the punching cycle to eve be stopped! The St. Ann’s specialist programmer can run files directly from disk. This eliminates the risk of any errors whilst also saving precious time. Both punching and accuracy are improved using this method.

CNC Machine

CNC Controling

The numerical control is located outside the designated safety area. It is designed for direct on screen programming and offers:

  • Reduced set up time and a perfect legibility of information.
  • Fast management of all tooling information.
  • Super High-speed processor for program operation.

Total Turret Flexibility

By being manufactured as one block of treated cast iron, the turrets combine high accuracy and rapid tool change. With an average time of around 1.5 seconds. The quality of machining, in conjunction with the guided height guarantees perfect punch alignment.

CNC Punch Press Tooling

As the major component of the punching machine, the tools play a fundamental role in the quality of manufacturing. The requirements of tooling remain very demanding. The tools integrated guidance and stripper plates guarantee higher productivity, punching accuracy, and a control over the production.

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